Graphic Designer, Cambridge

Lightseekers Corebox Packaging

Lightseekers: Core Box Packaging Design

Print Design3 October 2019

Packaging design brief for the Lightseekers Core Box featuring the best cards from all previous card releases into one devastating package suitable for new and seasoned players alike.

This design features 3 character card art designs from the latest Lightseekers release in an attractive, premium card deck. Working with the Senior Artist I blended the three art works into one scene altering the colour palette and scene lighting to create a new unique composition whilst following the product’s print specifications as dictated by the supplier. A 3D render was then created in Photoshop for marketing and promotional purposes prior to the product’s production and release.

About Lightseekers

Lightseekers is a multi award winning tactical trading card game from PlayFusion with valiant heroes, rotating cards with effects over time & powerful combos. Quick & easy to learn with depth & complexity for advanced play, Lightseekers is available both in physical and digital form for Steam, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

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