Graphic Designer, Cambridge

NBA Move Sports: Game Concept

Digital Design3 October 2019

A design brief to create the visual identity/branding and UI/UX for an officially licensed augmented reality NBA Basketball game.

Working with the game’s producers I was tasked with creating the branding, menu graphics and other graphical elements in preparation for the game to be created and pitched to the NBA. The designs show various stages of the users game experience, from the home screen to the players progress through a geolocated AR mini-game to successfully unlocking new players and unique collectibles. The designs were informed by the vibrance of the sport of basketball and the NBA’s strong visual identity, whilst maintaining the clear presentation of the game’s mechanics.


  • NBA Move Sports: Game Concept 01
  • NBA Move Sports: Game Concept 02
  • NBA Move Sports: Game Concept 03

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About NBA Move Sports

NBA Move Sports is a game concept from PlayFusion for an officially licensed, socially driven augmented reality blended NBA basketball game for mobile devices. The game seeks to blend AR, geographical tracking and social elements to deliver a unique experience for NBA basketball fans everywhere.