Graphic Designer, Cambridge

Augmented Reality Party Game Concept

Digital Design31 October 2019

A design brief to create the concept, visual identity/branding and UI/UX for an augmented reality party game that visually alters a user’s look in order for them to guess who, what or where they are.

Working with the game’s producers I was tasked with creating the branding and UI graphics whilst showcasing the game’s concept. The designs show various examples of the users game experience and the different types of AR questions the users will interact with.

The concept design uses bright colours and simple UI elements to communicate the game’s features and objectives. Game scene environments were created by heavily editing multiple stock images to create each scene.


  • AR Game Concept 01
  • AR Game Concept 02
  • AR Game Concept 03
  • AR Game Concept 04
  • AR Game Concept 05

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