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Motive Skateboards Logo Redesign

Motive Skateboards Logo Redesign

Brand Design1 January 2017

An open project brief that called for a logo redesign for UK based skateboard company Motive Skateboards.

This brief required a re-working of the current Motive Skateboards logo to incorporate a three-dimensional, technical drawing style. This was achieved by using a isometric viewpoint with the graphical elements extruded to produce a 3D effect whilst maintaining the original logo’s style.

The logo was developed to be adaptable in a number of styles such as dark/light backgrounds and different colours for the graphical elements. For example the use of the Union Flag version of the logo design to highlight the esoteric appeal of a UK based skateboarding company.

About Motive Skateboards

Motive Skateboards is a UK skateboard company that manufactures skateboard decks, apparel and clothing based in Northampton, United Kingdom. The company sponsors many of the UK and Europe’s best professional skateboarders and is owned by R Selley, an ex-professional DC Shoes UK skateboarder.

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